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Anne Tallentire @ IMMA

March 3, 2010

Also in IMMA today was an exhibition by Anne Tallentire entitled ‘This and Other Things 1999-2010’ which is on until the 3rd May. There is a piece in particular which I enjoyed the most called Nowhere Else. It consisted of a large projected screen connected to a mousepad which the viewer could use to interact with the video. The video encompased lists of days and months which could be clicked – leading to another screen which showed the name of a star constellation and subsequently it’s linear image. The viewer could click on each angle on the star constellation which conjured up a photographic image. These images were taken on a walk inspired by the mapping of that specific constellation superimposed upon a contemporary map of London.

Here are some examples:

What I like about this work is the idea of exploring a city in a new way. By investigating the city in an unexpected way random social interactions can be encouraged, which reminds me of what Francis Alys said; (look at my previous post) that situating yourself in a moving environment -to walk around the city can be condusive to project ideas…Also predominant in this artist’s work is the notion of the everyday – it’s singularity and poetics. The work focuses on the marginal and minute details and spaces that exist in the fabric of our environment, the routine activities which we come across so frequently in our day to day living.

Below is an excerpt taken about Tallentire’s work from the handout at the exhibition:

‘Tallentire has made central an ongoing concern with the politics of location -of the interrelations between place and personal and political identities. Foregrounding the transitory nature of belonging within the context of vast transnational change, her work insistently focuses on marginal materials and spaces that exist in the fabric of our environment and on the routine activities associated with day-to-day living. In doing so, it seeks to articulate a poetics of the singularity of the everyday’ -Brian Cass

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